Oven racks

Manufactured in lightweight aluminium, our range of oven racks includes seven or eight slides. They feature a safety stopper system, which prevents the trays from sliding out of position when the oven rack is tilted.

We offer a range of standard Atlas, extended Atlas and KSSU oven racks available in stock for immediate delivery through our distribution facility located in Nuth, the Netherlands.

All oven racks from stock can be printed with your logo. Alternatively, if manufactured, your logo can be embossed.

Atlas standard oven racks, airline cabin meal service, galley inserts, onboard service equipment, rotable catering equipment, inflight oven equipment

Atlas standard oven rack

Manufactured in lightweight aluminium

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Atlas extended oven rack

Manufactured in lightweight aluminium.

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Atlas extended oven rack, galley equipment, galley ovens, cabin equipment
KSSU oven rack, galley catering equipment oven racks, inflight service, airline meal catering equipment, rotable KSSU equipment, KSSU Oven rack stock, galley catering equipment

KSSU oven rack

Available from stock.

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Oven slides, aluminium catering equipment, aluminium oven inserts, airline oven supplies

Oven slides

Atlas and KSSU standards available.

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