Rail catering trolleys

Although the demands of the rail and aviation industries are similar, the railway operators require customised designs which suffice their individual requirements. 

Serving rail passengers in either catering carriages or at the seat calls for specialised equipment and Direct Air Flow is experienced in manufacturing products to meet these needs. We offer a range of standard rail catering trolleys as well as individually designed at-seat rail trolleys allowing the railway operators to serve a multitude of snacks and drinks.

Trolleys can be produced with our traditional twin pedal four wheel braking system, integrated cabinets and cash drawers produced to fit with either manufactured or standard Atlas drawers.

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Rail catering trolley

Our rail catering trolleys have a superb build quality and withstand the rigorous daily usage.

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At-seat rail trolley

The at-seat rail trolley is manufactured to specifications of any railway operator.

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Coffee trolley

A standard serving trolley with built in coffee machine.

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