We are very thankful for your preparations prior to our inaugural A380 flight. Can you please pass our thanks to all departments and staff involved.

Airport Services Manager

Direct Maintenance is actively involved in the aviation community

Direct Maintenance is proud Associate Member of the International Airlines Technical Pool (IATP) since 2006. The IATP is a convention of airlines sharing technical resources to generate economic savings and to achieve on time dispatch reliability and safe operation at the line stations. The IATP is a non-profit, independent, non-political global organization based on a democratic culture with equal opportunities for all member airlines and their delegates. Twice per year an IATP conference is held during which Direct Maintenance as Associate Member actively participates.

As from 2014, Direct Maintenance was elected preferred supplier of the Board of Airline Representatives In the Netherlands (BARIN), the industry association for airlines undertaking business in The Netherlands. BARIN objectives include encouragement and promotion of the interests of regular airlines engaged in the carriage of passengers and cargo to, from and within The Netherlands. Furthermore the interests of the member airlines are represented so that the best possible conditions for successful civil aviation in The Netherlands are created.

Through our industry memberships Direct Maintenance is able to keep abreast of the latest news and developments, as well as detecting new tends in the aviation industry.