Direct Maintenance is my benchmark.

Outstation Management

Direct Maintenance offers aircraft line maintenance with unmatched customer focus

It is not easy being an airline these days. New and seasonal markets demand an instant response. Keeping operational costs in check calls for smart solutions. And in the midst of all this, providing a safe operation remains utterly essential.

We know. We're former airline employees ourselves. Operating fully independently allows us to carefully listen to our clients and understand their needs truly. There is no in-house airline fleet we must support first. We offer tailor made and dedicated line maintenance services through our devoted staff. We know it is part of our job to go that extra mile at times. It requires thinking outside the box but inside the aviation regulations. We know how to.

A result of our strong customer focus is our client list, which includes well respected airlines, many of them national flag carriers. Let us first sit down and listen to your line maintenance requirements. This is what we call the "direct" approach!

Ample space to store spares

24/7 logistics and warehousing

wheels, brakes, nuts and bolts, in store!

ample space for your needs

ample space for your needs

Logistics and warehousing

In addition to regular line maintenance activities, Direct Maintenance offers its customers storage of valuable spare parts and rotable items at secure locations on airside, fully in line with Part-145 regulations. This allows quick and effective interception of technical issues that require spare parts to solve such situations. Short communication lines between our engineering staff and our store keepers are essential to avoid any delays when time is critical. In addition, 24/7 logistics services are being provided through our AOG desk, so that any part can be shipped anywhere, whether being on AOG or routine basis. Direct Maintenance teams with Fast Forward Freight for its logistics needs.

24/7 AOG desk

Your partner for the long haul

Today Direct Maintenance covers an impressive 56 aircraft-engine combinations including A320NEO, A380, B737 MAX, B747-8 and B787. Our existing customer airlines hold outstanding orders for future generations of aircraft types. Over time we will progress into these areas, covering Airbus A330NEO, A350-900/1000 and Boeing B777-X.

Direct Maintenance is keen to listen to any requirements you may have beyond our current Scope of Work or existing line station locations. This is our area of expertise. We know how. We are in line maintenance for the long haul. Contact us today!

T +31 (0) 20 655 68 61

Office Hours: 8:30 - 5:00 pm CET

For urgent requests outside of office hours please call the following mobile number: M + 31 (0) 6105 97 754

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