We are very satisfied with the service we receive from Direct Maintenance. It’s very helpful to have such a flexible and professional partner on site.

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Head of Maintenance

Direct Maintenance offers aircraft line maintenance with unmatched customer focus

It is not easy being an airline these days. New and seasonal markets demand an instant response. Keeping operational costs in check calls for smart solutions. And in the midst of all this, providing a safe operation remains utterly essential.

We know. We're former airline employees ourselves. Operating fully independently allows us to carefully listen to our clients and understand their needs truly. There is no in-house airline fleet we must support first. We offer tailor made and dedicated line maintenance services through our devoted staff. We know it is part of our job to go that extra mile at times. It requires thinking outside the box but inside the aviation regulations. We know how to.

A result of our strong customer focus is our client list, which includes well respected airlines, many of them national flag carriers. Let us first sit down and listen to your line maintenance requirements. This is what we call the "direct" approach!

cargo loading systems support

crucial for safety and profit

Cargo system maintenance

Proper functioning of cargo loading systems is crucial for flight safety reasons. It will further assist minimising ground time and maximising cargo uplift. As you are focused on getting the optimum performance out of your aircraft, you can rest assured Direct Maintenance is fully aware of your needs. Our experienced staff will keep your cargo loading system in excellent shape during your transits, maximising your revenues while adhering to the strict safety standards.

Your partner for the long haul

Today Direct Maintenance covers an impressive 43 aircraft-engine combinations including A380, B747-8 and B787. Our existing customer airlines hold outstanding orders for future generations of aircraft types. Over time we will progress into these areas, covering Airbus A320 NEO, Airbus A350, Boeing 737 MAX and Boeing B777-X.

Direct Maintenance is keen to listen to any requirements you may have beyond our current Scope of Work or existing line station locations. This is our area of expertise. We know how. We are in line maintenance for the long haul. Contact us today!

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