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Direct Maintenance holding EASA Part-66 module training in Kenya. Limited seats available!

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Direct Maintenance recognises the need for ongoing training and development of its staff, as well as to train up future hires to accomodate its ongoing growth and development, in particular in Africa. As such, we are scheduling EASA Part-66 module training, including tutoring and exams, at Nairobi, Kenya. The aim is to make available high quality training in line with EASA Part-147 regulations which also will be open to any African individuals having the desire to become a licensed aircraft engineer in future. Having completed all modules succesfully, and having recorded sufficient work experience, one will be in position to apply for an EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance License. Holding such EASA Part-66 AML is a major advantage for your future career and is in fact an important prerequisite when applying with airlines or MRO's around the globe.

Given the huge costs of undergoing this Part-66 Module training oversees, including expensive accomodation, tickets and cost of living, we are set up to shortly hold this training in Nairobi in a very cost effective manner.

The package includes the following:

  • EASA Part-147 approved training of all Part-66 modules through a highly reputed Swiss based training provider
  • Provision of all study material to allow for self-study, tutoring plus formal examinations
  • start date 6 October 2014
  • duration 6 weeks (30 working days)
  • location Nairobi, Kenya
  • EUR 5000 (ex VAT) per person covering all Part-66 modules
  • excluding travel and accomodation (to source and pay your own, as required)

We believe our upcoming training is the most efficient and cost effective way to secure the essential certificates in order to obtain your Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance License and kick-off your aviation engineering career in future.

Limited seats are available on first come first served basis.

Are you interested? Do you have any additional queries? Please feel free to contact Direct Maintenance and register your interest!

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For your information, this EASA Part-145 module training will be covering all of the below modules:

Module 1  - Mathematics

Module 2 - Physics

Module 3 - Electrical Fundamentals

Module 4 - Electronic Fundamentals

Module 5 - Digital Techniques, Electronic Instrument Systems 

Module 6 - Materials & Hardware

Module 7 - Maintenance Practices

Module 8 - Basic Aerodynamics

Module 9 - Human Factors

Module 10 - Aviation Legislation

Module 11 - Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

Module 15 - Gas Turbine Engine

Module 17 - Propeller