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Outstation Management

Atlas Air appoints Direct Maintenance for B747-400F in Nairobi, Kenya (NBO)

Given consistent and reliable performance during the past years, Atlas Air has re-appointed Direct Maintenance for another multi-year contractual term, to support B747-400F line maintenance requirements in Nairobi, Kenya (NBO). Since Direct Maintenance is privileged to hold FAA Repair Station approval in Nairobi, line maintenance support including Certification of Release to Service is provided. This level of comprehensive support provided by the dedicated engineering staff of Direct Maintenance further enhances the operational integrity for Atlas Air and its customers at this crucial east-African logistical hub.

Frank Daams, Managing Director comments: "We are truly pleased with the recognition displayed by Atlas Air, one of the world's larger wide body operators, awarding us another multi-year line maintenance agreement extension for Nairobi. The high level of customer focus delivered by our handpicked and well-trained engineering staff on daily basis results in supporting our airline clients in a tailored way and to full satisfaction. Supporting freighter operations require strong agility in combination with professional engineering skills, as safe and on-time performance is essential, in particular when carrying perishables. Thank you Atlas Air. We look forward to fruitful teaming in the years ahead."

For more information about Direct Maintenance, please contact us: Sales-Maintenance@directaviation.aero