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If you are seeking high quality worldwide career opportunities, do not delay, register with Direct today. We offer long-term, short-term, and permanent contracts with excellent remuneration and conditions. And just as important, we do what we promise. By clicking on below links you can register with us on-line :

Flight Deck Registration

While working for us, our dedicated team will remain in frequent contact with you. You are the eyes and ears on site, and we are always interested in your opinion.

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We also have group pages on the major Social Networking sites. If you are a pilot, please join us. We post our current job requirements there, answer any questions on any of our contracts, post news stories and have general discussions with the pilot community. So we look forward to talking to you there!

Contract Pilot Benefits :

  • Excellent Remuneration
  • 4 Star Accommodation
  • Local Transport
  • Attractive Leave Arrangements
  • Competitive Flight Allowances
  • Personal Accident and Emergency Medical Cover
  • Varied Flying Bases
  • Guaranteed Secure and Punctual Monthly Payment

Contract Maintenance Staff Benefits :

  • Guaranteed and Secure Payments
  • Excellent Accommodation
  • Excellent Working Conditions
  • Worldwide Opportunities
  • Personal Accident and Emergency Medical Cover 
  • Flights or Generous Travel Allowance

All benefits are subject to negotiation with our clients


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