Contractor Testimonials

What differentiates Direct Personnel from the competition is our quality of service. Many of our contractors have been with us on contract for over 10 years. We make it a priority to ensure there is open and honest communication at all times and we make it a point to travel to our contractor’s base to meet our contractors face to face several times a year.

See what some of our contractors have said about us in the past....


"My involvement with DPI was a pleasant and valuable partnership.

As my experience as a contract employee is limited, I found DPI services and personnel extremely helpful from the very beginning to the last day of employment. The initial recruitment event stood out with outstanding organization, clear guidelines regarding the interview, the simulator, and my travel.

Throughout my contract term, all of my concerns and requests were addressed timely and satisfactory. I would like to extend special thanks to all DPI employees, who have been assisting me through the entire process.

As a healthy work-life balance is valuable to me, I recently had a chance to explore an opportunity and move closer to my family. Nevertheless, personal and professional development is important to me as well and I would greatly appreciate receiving information on all new openings available through DPI.

Once again, thank you very much for a great experience and I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together in the future."

----A320 Captain

"It was really easy working with you guys,I mean all of you. It was easy because every relationship should be based on some very few things like respect, loyalty and belief. You guys really believe you do it the right way and you do.

Thank you very much for your assistance whenever I needed it, and you were very kind as well. I'll really miss you guys."

----A320 Captain

"I was flying on the Air Astana B737NG contract from February to April 2007.

First of all I want to say that I have been more than satisfied with Direct Personnel all along throughout the contract.

I have been flying for other agencies in the past, but not received even close to the same service and assistance as by Direct personnel. All the way from the initial recruitment stage, I have got all my questions answered and all the staff from direct personnel was fast and effective in replying to me and helping wherever they could.

Everything went well and the contract was way above expectations and even minor problems was solved instantly by Direct Personnel.

I’m available to contract work again in the winter and I am really hoping to be able to work for Direct Personnel again. Thanks for all the good cooperation!"

----A320 Captain

"I have to say, since it was my first "contractor job" I was a little concerned in the beginning, but now I have to say that direct personnel did an excellent job."

----B737 Captain

"I would like to express my appreciation to all at DPI for the great work you have all done for me during my contract over the last eight months."

----A320 Captain

"I would also like to compliment Direct Personal for the professional and dedicated manner in which they approach a very competitive industry. You have given me the opportunity to further my career and I would have no hesitation in contacting you again should the occasion arise."

---Bae146 First Officer

"Contract work was something very new to me and all of my colleagues, that decided to venture to the other side of the planet to work. Just by chance we were lucky enough to start this venture with DPI. For me it was a very rewarding experience and I would gladly work for/with both companies in the future."

----B767 Captain


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