China Southern Airlines
4 Years Renewable
$13,065 - $21,000 USD P/M Net
Stuti Saxena, Recruitment Consultant - Direct Personnel
Stuti Saxena
Stuti Saxena, Recruitment Consultant - Direct Personnel
Stuti Saxena
✈ B777 Captains - China Southern Airlines.

China Southern Airlines has lots to offer. It is the largest airline in China in terms of passengers' carried and fleet size. As being part of the "Big Three" Airlines, China Southern has a great safety record and an international route network, not to mention what's on offer is an amazing salary with bonuses.

With extremely attractive salaries and various base locations to choose from - Start your adventure with China Southern Airlines and contact us today.  

► Features:

●  Duration: 4 years renewable
●  Rosters: Reverse Scheduling Plan. 20/10 days option
●  Bases: Guangzhou, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Los Angeles
  Local Direct Personnel representatives to guide and assist you

► Pay: $13,065 - $21,000 USD NET per month

► Minimum Requirements:

 5000+ Total Time
 2000+ Total PIC Time
 500 PIC Hours on B777
 Age Limit 55 years - at time of application
 Last Flight within 6 Months
 Last Proficiency Check within 6 months
 ICAO Level 4 English Certification
 From ICAO Member State with Diplomatic Relations with China
 Current and Valid SIM Check
 Passport with 3 Years Validity

► Benefits:

 4 Year Renewable Contract
 Free Return Commuting Flights Once per Month 
 Standby Return Family Tickets annually on the CSA Network
 Jump Seat Access
 Housing Allowance
 Paid Vacation
 Paid Sick Days
 Safety and Performance Bonus
 Paid Overtime


You will be provided with Worldwide Personal Accident & Emergency Medical insurance by Direct Personnel free of charge. Within this policy we provide you with loss of income assistance in case of an accident. Direct Personnel also provides exclusive discounted access to a range of global medical insurance plans for you and your family and Loss of Licence insurance.
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