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Roxana Giosanu, Recruitment Specialist Direct Personnel
Roxana Giosanu
Roxana Giosanu, Recruitment Specialist Direct Personnel
Roxana Giosanu
✈ ATR72-600 Captains - Manta Air
An amazing opportunity to fly and live in Malé, Maldives! What can be more exciting than living your dream of flying in such a beautiful location for a great company?
► Features:

●  Contract Type: Direct Hire
●  Location: Malé, Maldives
●  Pay: USD $9,300 NET
●  Base: Malé, Maldives

► Minimum Requirements:

●  Valid Class 1 medical
●  Minimum 5000 total flying hours
●  Minimum 1500 PIC hours
●  Minimum 500 PIC hours on ATR72 including 200 PIC hours on ATR72-600
●  OPC/LPC within 6 months
●  Date of last flight within 6 months from the date of commencing
●  English ICAO Level 4 or higher
●  Age limit: 65

► Benefits:

  Accommodation: Provided by Manta Air for one month. After that, USD $1,200 per month as living allowance
  Ground Transport: Manta Air will provide transport and accommodation for layovers at a destination besides residing town
  Overtime: Paid
  Travel: Flights at start/end. Three economy class return tickets per contract year. Staff concessional tickets will be provided to pilot and their immediate family as per company policy 


●  Manta Air Health Insurance Policy and Loss of Licence coverage
●  Immediate family can be included in the medical scheme

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