Korean Air
Korea, Republic of
5 Years Renewable
B777 | Captain | Korean Air
Stuti Saxena, Recruitment Consultant - Direct Personnel
Stuti Saxena
Stuti Saxena, Recruitment Consultant - Direct Personnel
Stuti Saxena
✈ B777 Captain - Korean Air.

Korean Air - the largest airline and flag carrier of South Korea are looking for experienced B777 Captains to join their crew on a 5 year renewable contract.
This position offers excellent pay and conditions as well as an unequalled commuting system which guarantees all flight crew 11 consecutive days off at their home base per calendar month.
The extensive Korean Air network provides for a world-wide selection of home bases for all pilots, regardless of the fleet that they are operating on.
► Features:

●  Contract Type: Contract
●  Duration: 5 years renewable
●  Location: South Korea
●  Roster Options: Commuting and Non Commuting
●  Pay: Excellent

► Minimum Requirements:

  Minimum 7,000 hours Total Time
  1000+ hours on B777
  2500+ PIC hours on commercial jet airline
  5000+ total hours on commercial jet airline
  4+ years as an FO in an airline
  Last flight on Type within the last 12 months or
    24 months if current on any other jet aircraft
  Under the age of 60 

► Benefits:

  Accommodation & Transportation: 5 star with transport throughout the network
  Travel: Excellent travel benefits 
  Pay and Conditions: 24 days annual leave, monthly per diems and overtime payments 
  Excellent Commuting: 9 consecutive days off per month plus 2/3 travel days
  Comprehensive healthcare and medical Insurance
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