We make the time to meet with you

Nurturing our relationships is what we do!

Ewa Adams, Contracts and Administration Manager and Anna Dubiel Szuba, Account Manager, Direct Personnel, recently travelled to Kazakhstan to meet with our business partners and Pilots. Here is what they would like to share with you:

'Maintaining strong relationships is an essential part of delivering 'perfect match' recruitment for the aviation industry. We always take the time to meet with our contractors/clients twice a year, as this provides us with essential input that we can put into action to ensure that positive results are achieved for all parties concerned.

We listen.

During our recent business trip to Kazakhstan, we met with our contractors and clients to exchange knowledge and also receive their valuable feedback. With Kazakhstan witnessing positive sustained growth in the aviation sector, it was a delight to see first hand how the market is booming. With Fly Arystan, a new low-cost airline celebrating its first month of commercial flights, the future of the aviation market in Kazakhstan continues to flourish. 

Kazakhstan is a great place to work and live in, incredible nature, friendly people, delicious food and amazing job opportunities for A320, B767 and EMB190 pilots, as well as NTR First Officers with low hours.

The aviation industry continues to grow from strength to strength in Kazakhstan, which makes it the perfect time to live and work in this fabulous country.'

A successful trip to Kazakhstan meeting with our airline business partners and checking in with our Pilots - Direct Personnel
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