Passion for aviation!

Inspiring feedback from our team. Get to know us better!

We took some time out of our busy schedule to talk to our team so that they could share some insights that underpin our service culture. 

A genuine passion for the aviation industry strongly connects our team!

All members of our team had an affinity with engineering early on in their careers. Residing in Ireland, a country renowned for a stronghold in the aviation industry it was a natural step for them to seek out opportunities by means of technical apprenticeships within this sector. The experience gained through the completion of these apprenticeships has led to developing established careers in the aviation industry.

For effective solutions technical expertise is essential.
We have the expertise.

Due to the extensive technical experience within the aviation industry held by all members of our team, we are able to offer our clients clear and effective consultation with respect to their requirements. This is a distinct advantage as we fully understand the technical aspects discussed and we can relate to challenges faced within the industry. This level of know-how enables us to offer comprehensive technical solutions that address the specific needs within the timelines needed.

Supporting our clients to overcome challenges is what we do.

We have all had to face challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a company, we have had to address issues from a logistical perspective with respect to attributing the right people onsite for specific projects. Due to our strong network of technical consultants and in-house expertise, we have been able to overcome these challenges. Despite the enormous impact that the pandemic has had worldwide we are proud to have been in a position to effectively support our longstanding clients and also develop new business.

Our '360° Aircraft Storage Solution' is a prime example of new business growth. The addition of this service solution for short-term parking and long-term storage of aircraft was added to our service portfolio at the end of 2019. This has meant that we have been able to support our aircraft leasing industry and airline operator customers with the parking and storage of aircraft. 

Should you be looking for comprehensive technical service support please reach out to us and we will take up direct contact with you.

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