Expertise. Our comprehensive aircraft inspection service at your fingertips!

Aircraft and physical records inspections in the spotlight!

Direct Aero Services has an extensive global network of technical consultants who are available to fulfil comprehensive aircraft inspection services. 

We are trusted and renowned by the aircraft leasing industry for conducting pre-delivery and mid-lease inspections, these types of inspections are completed on a regular basis.

Our knowledge and network ensure that we can also deliver comprehensive physical records inspections along as needed.

Expertise when you need it!

Should you be in need of aircraft/physical records inspections contact us: info@directaeroservices.com

If you would like to have a private consultation regarding your service requirements, please feel free to contact Mr. Paul Hyland, Director Technical, Direct Aero Services. His contact details are listed below:

Paul Hyland, Director Technical, Direct Aero Services
email:  phyland@directaviation.aero
mobile: +353 (0)86 385 7600

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