Witnessing such formidable growth at the Air Astana Group was impressive!

Meeting with our client, the Air Astana Group and our Pilots in Kazakhstan!

During our recent business trip to Kazakhstan to meet with our client, the Air Astana Group, we were positively struck by the formidable, visible growth within Kazakhstan.

Both Air Astana and FlyArystan are having an excellent year. FlyArystan commenced operations earlier this year, whilst still in early development this low-cost carrier is already delivering positive results and is set to expand further.

Air Astana and FlyArystan really do showcase excellence in their fleet operation, leading their employees to be highly effective within working hours and respecting the need for downtime. This positive work environment is experienced on a daily basis and our Pilots genuinely appreciate the work-life balance this brings. In simple terms, it's a great place to work!

What stood out the most during this business trip?

Positive growth!

Now is an excellent time for Pilots to join the Air Astana Group. Reach out to us if you are interested in flying for Air Astana: fly@directpersonel.com.

View our current vacancies for Captains and First Officers with the Air Astana Group: Click here.

For more specific details, you are welcome to contact Roxana Giosanu. Please find her contact details below:

Roxana Giosanu, Recruitment Consultant
t   +353 (0)1 813 84 00
f   +353 (0)1 813 84 01
m +353 (0)86 185 0069
e rgiosanu@directpersonnel.com

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