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Yes! Korita Aviation is an official supplier of NELI for Airbus 

Since establishing Korita Aviation in 2006, we have had a clear objective - Sustained growth and development. Now, with the addition of Korita Aviation becoming an official supplier of NELI for Airbus, we have optimised our opportunity for further expansion and growth.

As we move forward, Korita Aviation will continue to be one of the key galley insert equipment market leaders. Ensuring high-quality galley insert equipment manufacture for the aviation industry. Our dedicated focus on customer excellence delivery will underpin our every move.

Should you have future BFE requirements, reach out immediately to the Korita Aviation team, located in our global sales office in Nuth, The Netherlands: sales@korita-aviation.com

Click here to download our company announcement.

Direct Aviation Group Company Announcement - Korita Aviation is an official supplier of NELI for Airbus - Direct Aviation
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