Technical service support excellence!

Global technical consultancy specialists for the aviation industry.

We offer global technical service support to the aviation industry!

Direct Aero Services focus on delivering services related to leased aircraft requirements. We provide global technical consultancy utilising experienced technical specialists. Our comprehensive service supports the technical requirements that are needed during the full life cycle of the aircraft.

Included within our service portfolio: Aircraft Engine Borescope Inspections. Download our brochure here: Borescope Inspection Service Brochure.

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Direct Aero Services are renowned in the aviation sector for providing transition support to lessors that includes the provision of technical consultants, technical records consultants, records and scanning teams and project managers - Direct Aero Service

Transition support

Providing experienced aviation specialists:
Technical consultants
Technical records consultants
Records and scanning teams

Direct Aero Services provide aircraft lessor services and support with aircraft transitions this includes; transition management, project management, CAMO, aircraft delivery, aircraft re-delivery and support with ferry and test demo flights - Direct Aero

Transition management

You can count on Direct Aero Services for:
Project management
Aircraft delivery and redeliveries
Ferry and test demo flights
Direct Aero Services provide excellent maintenance oversight as part of our aviation industry support to lessors this includes; heavy checks on aircrafts, reconfigurations and aircraft painting - Direct Aero Services

Maintenance oversight

Our network of experienced technical specialists can provide:
Heavy checks
Aircraft painting
Direct Aero Services provide technical aviation support solutions by means of maintenance reserve reviews this includes; Engine maintenance, landing gear maintenance, airframe maintenance, CAMO oversight and maintenance control - Direct Aero Services

Maintenance reserve reviews

Utilising our experienced technical specialist network we can offer comprehensive maintenance support for:
Engine maintenance
Landing gear maintenance
Airframe maintenance
Maintenance control

Comprehensive technical service support, when you need it!

Direct Aero Services was established under the Direct Aviation Group to bring together a suite of services through one company drawing from years of aviation experience.

Our experience enables us to provide a range of aviation management support to lessors, airlines, and aircraft operators. Direct Aero Services focus on delivering technical services related to leased aircraft requirements. We support the full life cycle of the aircraft by providing:

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