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Direct Air Flow cooling systems

Our innovative cooling solution systems are designed to support airlines and airline catering companies in maintaining adequate cooling levels of food to be served inflight and reduce or replace the need for dry ice on board.

Our cooling solution systems use rotable cooling packs with either Aluflite aluminium cooling drawers or insulated cooling bags. This offers airlines and catering companies a choice of cooling solutions that can be selected in accordance with their budget and preferred solution.

We maintain a stock of small insulated cooling bags that can be easily implemented into existing catering operations. Our small insulated cooling bags fit all ATLAS standard containers and can be utilised with dry ice or rotable cooling packs (ice packs).

When utilising rotable cooling packs, the need for costly dry ice is vastly reduced. We maintain on hand stock of small insulated cooling bags for airlines who seek a cooling solution that can be quickly implemented into their catering operations. It is a safe and easy-to-use system and is being used in airline catering operations worldwide.

The Aluflite aluminium cooling drawer is manufactured by our sister company Korita Aviation for use inside airline catering trolleys and features an inbuilt slot for rotable cooling pack (ice pack) insertion. Should you have interest in this item, please contact us so that we can advise you with respect to our minimum order quantities and production lead time.

Email us: info-airflow@directaviation.aero

Small insulated cooling bag - Direct Air Flow

Small insulated cool bag

A high-quality and versatile insulated cooling bag that fits all ATLAS standard containers.

With high-level of insulation, this bag supports in maintaining adequate cooling levels and keeps products cool for longer periods. The small insulated cooling bag can be used with either rotable ice packs or dry ice.

- printed logo on request
- use with cooling pack or dry ice
- lock for universal pull seal
- available directly from stock

Rotable ice packs - Direct Air Flow

Rotable ice packs

Designed for the airline industry, the cooling packs are rotable and contain a non-toxic water based solution.

Manufactured from a gel based component, the packs are double sealed to avoid both splitting and leaks.

- logo options available
- available directly from stock
Aluminium cooling drawer and ice pack - Direct Air Flow

Aluminium cooling drawer and rotable ice pack

Aluflite aluminium cooling drawers are manufactured by our sister company, Korita Aviation. Our Aluflite cooling drawers are ATLAS standard for use inside an ATLAS standard trolley. A rotable ice pack can be inserted into the slot on the underside of the drawer.

The holes in the base of the drawer enable optimum cleaning.

Please note this is not a stock item and will be subject to our minimum order quantities.