Inflight catering drawers available from stock!

Inflight catering drawers selected just for you!

As a trusted supplier of inflight catering equipment, we wanted to highlight some of our most popular inflight catering drawers. They are definitely newsworthy!

Availability from stock alongside excellent product features means that our range of inflight catering drawers are always in high demand. Keep reading to learn more.

Superlight polypropylene dual runner drawer

  • It is one of the lightest ATLAS standard dual runner polypropylene catering drawers currently available that is suitable for use in the aviation industry. Empty weight only 583 grams!
  • Easy to add into catering operations as it is interstackable with most ATLAS standard drawers in the market.
  • Our unique anti-catching feature ensures smooth drawer operation by preventing contents catching on the underside of the drawer.
  • Remains strong and durable with a loading capacity of up to 10 kg.

To view our 'Superlight' dual runner polypropylene drawer in more detail use the quick link below:

ATLAS standard polypropylene drawer

  • A lightweight polypropylene drawer with an empty weight of 650 grams.
  • Designed to withstand intensive daily usage in catering operations.
  • Available from stock in a single runner option.

Use the quick link below to learn more about the ATLAS standard single runner polypropylene drawer:

ATLAS standard aluminium drawer

  • Lightweight aluminium structure with an empty weight of 850 grams.
  • The side runners include rubber undersides for easy gliding and noise reduction.

View our Aluflite ATLAS standard aluminium drawer page using the quick link below:

We understand that you may wish to customise your inflight catering drawers with the addition of a company logo - We can do this! 

Please reach out to our sales team with your immediate and future requirements. Simply send us an email and our sales team will take up contact with you.

Email: info-airflow@directaviation.aero

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