We supply ATLAS standard full size meal trolleys for use inflight!

Airline inflight catering equipment update featuring our ATLAS standard full size meal trolleys!

We supply ATLAS standard full size meal trolleys in navy blue from a stock position. Our new Aluflite ATLAS standard trolleys are manufactured by our sister company, Korita Aviation.

Do you need a certain level of branding on your meal trolleys?

We can accommodate this requirement with the addition of a company logo plate being added to the exterior door panel of the trolley. Please contact our sales team for more details about this option, as this will be subject to minimum order requirements being fulfilled.

Get a great return on investment!

Aluflite ATLAS standard trolleys are renowned for their durability and longevity in service. When you combine these factors with a proven track record of reliable performance during inflight operations it makes them an ideal choice for airline catering operations.

Please view our Aluflite ATLAS standard full size meal trolley in more detail by using the product page hyperlink below:

Contact our sales team to express your interest in our Aluflite ATLAS standard full size meal trolleys. We have them in stock now, so we can address your immediate requirements! 

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