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Direct Air Flow is most renowned for supplying galley insert equipment and cabin interior products from a stock position. Another aspect that we are very well known for is our ability to source items on your behalf.

We would like to share a service we offer that you may be less familiar with.

From time to time, our business partners consult with us about their 'wish list' concerning cabin interior products and accessories. Where possible, we try and offer advice suggesting practical solutions that really add value for their cabin interior product and accessory range. This is an area we really enjoy being part of!

We listen, offer consultation and source items for you.

It is true that not all ideas are feasible when we way up the cost of putting this into practice. We are conscious of budget restrictions and that is why we really do utilise our experience and trusted manufacturing network to come up with solutions that deliver what you need in the most cost-effective way.

In the image below you will see an example of a recent project for an insulated cooling bag that we were delighted to work on to address the direct requirement for one of our valued customers. Perhaps, this may be of interest to your organisation too?

Let's see if we can help find a great solution for you!

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Email us: info-airflow@directaviation.aero

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