Empty weight of just 583 grams. That's our ATLAS standard 'Superlight' drawer!

Considering ways to reduce fuel burn? Our 'Superlight' drawer can contribute!

Our ATLAS standard 'Superlight' dual runner polypropylene drawer is a great product if you are looking for ways to reduce fuel burn.

So why are we confident enough to say this?

‚ÄčIt is one of the lightest ATLAS standard dual runner polypropylene catering drawers currently available that is suitable for use in the aviation industry.

Empty weight is only 583 grams! 

We welcome the opportunity to look at the potential cost savings that might be achievable for your airline should you choose to select our ATLAS standard 'Superlight' drawer.

Yes, there are even more benefits that this drawer offers.

  • The ATLAS standard 'Superlight' drawer is easy to add into catering operations as it is interstackable with most ATLAS standard drawers in the market.
  • Our unique anti-catching feature ensures smooth drawer operation by preventing contents catching on the underside of the drawer.
  • Remains strong and durable with a loading capacity of up to 10 kg.

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Ready to consider this drawer for your catering operations?

Our team is here to help advise you on the potential savings that could be considered for your airline fleet and walk you through all the additional benefits our ATLAS standard 'Superlight' dual runner polypropylene drawer offers.

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Atlas superlight translucent dual runner polypropylene drawer - Immediate delivery from stock - Direct Air Flow
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