When we say, 'Superlight', we mean 'SUPERLIGHT!'

Atlas superlight dual runner polypropylene drawer weighs only 585 grams!

Direct Air Flow is extremely pleased to announce the addition of the Atlas superlight translucent dual runner polypropylene catering drawer to our on-hand stock portfolio. This really is a fantastic new polypropylene catering drawer designed and developed by us.

We have stocked-up in anticipation of your orders! 

Dare we say it? Yes, we dare! This is one of the lightest Atlas standard dual runner polypropylene catering drawers currently available that is suitable for use in the aviation industry. With an empty weight for the dual runner drawer starting at 585 grams, this really can be calculated as a contributor towards fuel savings.

The Aluflite superlight polypropylene drawer is interstackable with most Atlas drawers in the market, making it easy to add into catering operations. If you would like to read more about our new inflight catering drawer and really get to understand all of the benefits, take a quick product page tour - Click here.

Feel free to express your interest in our new polypropylene catering drawer. Get in touch with us today: info-airflow@directaviation.aero or call us on +31 (0)45 573 2200.

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Atlas superlight translucent dual runner polypropylene drawer - Immediate delivery from stock - Direct Air Flow
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