Our ATLAS standard 'Superlight' drawer offers superb benefits!

Find out why our 'Superlight' drawer is so popular!

Earlier this year we added a new polypropylene drawer to our on-hand stock portfolio. We are really pleased to share that this item has proven to be exceptionally popular with our airline customers.

Let's look at some key benefits together! 

  • It is one of the lightest ATLAS standard dual runner polypropylene catering drawers currently available that is suitable for use in the aviation industry. Empty weight only 583 grams!
  • Easy to add into catering operations as it is interstackable with most ATLAS standard drawers in the market.
  • Our unique anti-catching feature ensures smooth drawer operation by preventing contents catching on the underside of the drawer.
  • Remains strong and durable with a loading capacity of up to 10 kg.
  • Available from stock and ready to ship from our dispatch centre based in Nuth, The Netherlands.

Please learn more about our 'Superlight' dual runner polypropylene drawer by taking a product page tour using the quick link below:

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Atlas superlight translucent dual runner polypropylene drawer - Immediate delivery from stock - Direct Air Flow
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