Korita Aviation’s galley equipment has a proven track record. We are your spare parts specialist.

With thousands of our airline service carts and rail catering carts in operation, a steady inventory and many years of experience, we pride ourselves on our customer support and service. Our catering trolleys are designed for easy service and parts exchange to keep downtime to a minimum.

Korita Aviation galley equipment is one of the strongest brands available in the inflight galley equipment market. It always pays to maintain catering equipment on a regular basis. Maintaining your airline meal carts and waste carts will maintain the looks and manoeuvrability of the trolleys and it will extend the life of your equipment. With a little effort, you reap a great reward and you keep up the performance of your onboard service trolleys.

Spare parts are available from stock through our manufacturing facility in Suzhou, PR China. We will dispatch the spare parts you need upon the receipt of your spare part order. Just give us your part number and we will make sure you receive the correct part in accordance with the applicable CMM.

We provide maintenance training for your technical staff at the Korita Aviation manufacturing facility in Suzhou, PR China.

Feel free to contact us with your spare parts request via email: sales@korita-aviation.com or click on the orange button below and request a spare parts quotation.

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