Aluflite aluminium cooling drawers for use inflight without dry ice!

Looking to reduce dry ice consumption? Consider our cooling drawer!

We understand that it is important to offer our customers a variety of solutions to choose from so that they can select a product option that is most appropriate for their inflight catering operations. The Aluflite aluminium cooling drawer has been designed to offer airlines who are looking to reduce the use of dry ice with an alternative solution.

Curious to understand how this works?

A rotable ice pack/cooling pack can be inserted into the inbuilt slot (rotable ice pack compartment) situated on the underside of the drawer. By loading rotable ice packs/cooling packs in the cooling drawers a more even temperature distribution can be achieved inside the trolley.

Potential benefits to consider.

  • Catering units have a greater level of flexibility as they can insert the rotable ice packs into the preprepared trolley right before departure.
  • Food closely loaded to the rotable ice pack does not get deeply frozen unlike as it can with dry ice.
  • Our aluminium cooling drawer is designed with holes in the base of the drawer to enable optimum cleaning.

  Could this be an option for your airline?

This is an effective system that is now being used by airlines and caterers worldwide to reduce the use and costs associated with dry ice on board the aircraft. We invite you to take a closer look by using the hyperlink below to visit our Aluflite cooling drawer product page.

 Please feel free to reach out to our sales team for more details. We are here to help!

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