Engineered for maximal insulation and minimal temperature loss!

Solutions to match the dynamics of inflight service!

The Aluflite ATLAS standard ice container is engineered by Korita Aviation with high-level insulation. The key attributes that ensure effective thermal breaks to prevent temperature loss are:

  • Insulated container panels
  • Rubber door seals 

Our airline industry customers who have selected the Aluflite ATLAS standard ice container have remarked on its excellent build quality and effectiveness in preventing temperature loss. This item is now a standard item for their aircraft galleys.

As with all of our Aluflite container product range, our ATLAS standard ice container also features: 

  • Interlocking panels to maximise the strength, durability and overall integrity of the container throughout the catering operations cycle. 
  • Push-to-close locking system that provides easy handling for the crew, consistent secure door closure and reduced noise in the cabin. 
  • Recessed top-handle to allow for ease in transportation, carrying and stacking.

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