Trolley options to help your crew excel in inflight service delivery!

Ready to consider the best trolley table-top options for your airline?

Korita Aviation has a number of trolley options that can be selected to customise airline trolleys for ease in service delivery onboard. To manufacture trolleys with these options we apply our minimum order requirements.

Does your crew need more table-top workspace to optimise service delivery inflight?
We've got you covered!

Our flip-top table option offers immediate surface area extension when in use. Another option is our pull-out table that features three worktop extension settings that deliver a safe and flexible service solution for your team.

Perhaps, the requirement for additional workspace is more ad-hoc, in this case, a detachable table could be a consideration for your inflight service operations. Simply click the detachable table onto the top of the trolley for extra workspace. Please note that the detachable table does require a location in the galley for safekeeping.

To view these options in more detail we invite you to utilise the hyperlink below and visit our trolley customisation page:

Let's find the best solution for your airline!

Please schedule a consultation together with us, so that we can fully understand your requirements and advise you accordingly.

We aim to fully support you in selecting the right solution to ensure that your final trolley specification delivers the desired level of functionality to optimise service delivery onboard.

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