Considering elevating your inflight brand appeal? We have an option for you!

Choose sublimation. Your passengers will love you for it!

We recognise that it is essential to offer our airline industry customers options that enable them to maximise their brand exposure and passenger appeal when procuring our galley insert equipment. Through careful consultation together with our airline customers, we can work together to focus on elevating the aesthetic appeal of the exterior of the trolley.

How do we achieve this?

We are experts in sublimation, therefore we are able to offer the option of a sublimated finish to the trolley panels when desired quantities meet our minimum order requirements. 

An airline can select or design high-resolution imagery for utilisation on the panels of the trolley. This option enables airlines to elevate their brand even further and really take control of how their trolley will look.

Delivering a clear benefit by ensuring that the external appearance of the trolley is aligned with airline branding. Ultimately, your brand exposure can be maximised whether the equipment is located in the galley or in use in the cabin. Go for it. Make it memorable!

Would you like to discuss this option in more detail?

Contact our sales team and arrange a time to schedule a call to discuss this option. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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