Doing our best to stay safe and well!

More 'together' than ever!

On 22 January 2020, we closed the manufacturing facility in China for the Chinese New Year public holiday. All of the team were in high spirits to spend quality time with their families and share in the Lunar New Year celebrations.

What unfolded was an immense challenge on all levels with the COVID-19 outbreak taking hold across China. Each day we noticed that the situation was worsening, which led to unprecedented measures being taken by the Chinese government. We welcomed this step, as our main focus was our people, keeping them safe and well.

Looking back at this time, we can be very thankful to our whole team for their forward-thinking and accurate planning as this enabled us to minimise the impact on the production schedule for our customers. However, at that time, as with all manufacturers in Asia, lockdown strategies were in place. Throughout this time, as we looked on from our Global Sales Office in Europe, we were inspired by the strength and resilience shown by all of our employees. It is with great gratitude and warmth in our hearts that none of our employees in China were inflicted by the Coronavirus.

Did we face challenges?

Yes, of course! Many of our team had left Suzhou to spend time with their loved ones in different locations in China. With staggered timings on the lockdown restrictions being lifted and quarantine requirements upon re-entry into Suzhou, we reopened our facility with minimum staffing, with a steady increase of the return of our employees week-on-week as regional lockdowns started to lift.

Ensuring appropriate protection was in place was critical, but we did it! Despite the massive demand for masks, temperature tests, disinfectant and suchlike, together, we ensured that we could all stay safe and well.

Our team in China stayed strong, and then?

We all witnessed the COVID-19 reach pandemic levels. The ferocious intensity at which the Coronavirus has spread across the world has impacted us all first hand. Social distancing is now a common phrase used by us all. Lockdown strategies, stay at home and work from home policies are known to be our best form of defence to support in stopping the spread of this virus. These interventions are protecting us, protecting our health care workers and trying to flatten the curve to enable Hospitals worldwide to manage with increasing admissions.

So how do we stay positive?

By doing this together! Having gone through this together with our colleagues in China, witnessing their resolve and courage, we take strength from their capacity to overcome adversity. We stay focused and take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people.

In this time, despite all of the challenges being faced, we feel stronger than ever. We are in this for the long haul!

Remember, we are more together than ever!
Let's keep in touch.

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