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Korita Aviation is a specialist galley insert equipment manufacturer and because of this specialism, our engineering team focuses on the aspects that matter for your catering operations.

We know the importance of running a smooth operation and we manufacture catering equipment to support you in this process! 

Trolleys should support the crew in executing excellent passenger service. To do this, the crew needs a reliable and ergonomically sound piece of catering equipment that provides effective content storage. Great news. Our trolleys do just that.

Renowned for reliability.

Since starting our manufacturing facility in 2006, our reputation for producing high-quality galley insert equipment for the aviation and the rail industry has become extremely well established. 

Our customers often inform us how well our trolleys perform and remark that minimal maintenance is required during their life cycle. 

Excellent features make a difference.

Here are some of our great design features shared across our trolley product portfolio suitable for the aviation and the railway industry:

  • push-to-close locking system for easy, secure door closure 
  • four wheel braking system for improved stability
  • trolley options enable a level of customisation 

To view our trolleys in detail, use the hyperlinks below:

Certifications and approvals count.

We manufacture both BFE and rotable galley insert equipment and hold the following OEM approvals:

  • Airbus
  • Boeing
  • Bombardier

For more information about our certifications and approvals, please click here.

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