Our NEW additional security option for inflight trolleys!

A new option for your trolleys!

Korita Aviation understands the need to launch NEW innovations that really offer practical solutions for our business partners. 

When an airline is looking to achieve additional security for their inflight catering trolleys, we can offer the option of manufacturing an airline trolley with our integrated locking solution.

Our integrated locking solution offers an airline the ability to add an additional padlock/seal for an enhanced level of security as an option. The padlock/seal must be broken in order to open the trolley door.

Let's sum up the benefits for you:

  • Integrated locking solution for additional security
  • Offers the option for an additional padlock/seal
  • Padlock/seal needs to be broken in order to open the door
  • Push-to-close for easy secure door closure

If you are interested in learning more about our NEW integrated locking solution for additional security for your inflight trolleys, please contact our sales team today!

email: sales@korita-aviation.com

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