Aluflite ATLAS & KSSU standard oven rack product spotlight!

A definition of quality!

As a company, we pay great attention to the raw materials we use to manufacture our products. When you combine this with diligent design, engineering excellence and extensive quality control at every step of the production process, we know that our customers receive a quality product, engineered for strength and durability providing a great return on their investment.

 Excellent handling.

Our design and engineering team has ensured that our oven racks offer ease of use. One element of our design is a recessed top handle for easy transportation, carrying and stacking. This feature is also applied to our container range.

Safety stoppers to help safeguard the crew.

We recognise catering equipment needs to support the inflight team in providing excellent onboard service delivery, safely. That is why we consider cabin crew safety at the very start of our galley equipment design process. Therefore, we also manufacture oven racks with a safety stopper option, which has really proven to be extremely popular with our airline industry business partners.

Our safety stopper system prevents oven trays from sliding out when the oven rack is picked up or slightly tilted.

 Consistent air-flow.

The design and engineering team have also ensured that the Aluflite oven rack range is designed to support consistent air-flow over the items placed in the oven rack while in the oven. This helps to support consistent temperature delivery throughout all of the oven trays.

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