Aluminium rail catering drawers for excellent durability in railway catering operations!

On-train service equipment product spotlight featuring our rail catering drawers!

The engineering team at Korita Aviation has designed the aluminium rail catering drawer to deliver superb strength and provide maximal product longevity.

Benefit. Optimal return on investment.

Our aluminium rail catering drawer has been specifically designed to withstand the rigorous daily usage found in train galleys, rail catering kitchens, and during service washing cycles. To achieve optimal resilience and product longevity, we manufacture our rail catering drawers using high-grade aluminium. 

Bespoke needs?

Korita Aviation recognises that some railway operators have specific drawer height dimension requirements for their railway catering operations.

We can accommodate this for you! Our design and engineering team is extremely experienced in designing drawers to meet the specific drawer dimension requirements of rail operators worldwide. 

* All orders are subject to our minimum order quantity requirements being fulfilled.

Learn more about our rail catering drawers!

We invite you to view our rail catering drawer product attributes in more detail. Kindly utilise the hyperlink below to access our rail catering drawer product page:

Please reach out to us so that we can discuss your specific requirements for current or future rail catering service projects.

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