Airlines & rail industry partners, how well do you know our container family?

Get to know our container product range even better!

We are specialised in manufacturing galley insert equipment out of aluminium. Our aluminium containers are seen in aircraft and rail galleys all over the world.

Renowned for strength and durability!

Our airline and rail industry business partners often remark on the noticeable quality of our containers, which in turn offers them a desirable level of return on their initial investment.

Well thought out design.

We know that product details really matter. Here are just a few of our great design features shared across our container product portfolio:

  • a recessed top handle for ease in transportation, carrying and stacking
  • interlocking panels that provide exceptional strength and durability
  • our push-to-close locking system for consistent secure door closure and noise reduction

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Let's talk about containers!

Reach out to our sales team and arrange a time to schedule a call to discuss your immediate and future requirements for standard units/containers. 

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