We manufacture drawers that fulfil different catering requirements!

Our drawer portfolio offers the variety you need to make great choices for your operations!

We understand that airline catering operations vary and preferences for inflight catering drawers are dependant on a multitude of factors.

Our inflight catering drawer range has been designed to offer airlines the choice in terms of material and also with respect to drawer runner preference.

We are confident that our drawer product portfolio offers the variety needed for the different service preferences required in existing inflight catering operations. Our drawers are lightweight and durable. 

Simply put, an excellent choice!

Learn more about the characteristics each drawer can deliver for your inflight catering operations. Please use the hyperlinks below to visit each drawer product page:

Let us know your requirements.

Reach out to our sales team and arrange a time to schedule a call to discuss your immediate and future requirements for inflight catering drawers. 

Email us:

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