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Over 26 years of aviation industry experience, the Direct Aviation Group combination of in-house technical, flight, maintenance and production expertise, enables us to leverage from our both internal and external network providing excellent technical and asset management support for our aviation business partners.

Direct Aero Services is based in Dublin, Ireland. We provide specialised offerings to lessors, airlines and operators, with a concentration on the support of leased aircraft requirements. With our broad experience in all aspects of the aviation industry and our specialised knowledge of the aircraft leasing industry, we understand what services you need. Direct Aero Services provides comprehensive management and technical support when you need excellence!

Our services include:

  • 360° Aircraft Storage Solution
  • Inspections
  • Transition support
  • Transition management
  • Maintenance oversight
  • Maintenance reserve reviews
  • CAMO

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Direct Aero Services Aircraft Parking and Storage, 360° Aircraft Storage Solutions, 75 aircraft parking slots, new aircraft storage solution service - Direct Aero Services

Aircraft Parking & Storage

Our 360° aircraft storage solution offers the aircraft leasing industry and airline operators a comprehensive aircraft parking and storage service.

75 parking slots available!
Location: Ciudad Real Airport, Spain
Full technical support

Direct Aero Services deliver transition support to the aviation leasing industry, offering full transition support that includes aircraft technical reps, technical scanning teams, technical consultants and pm's - Direct Aero Services

Transition support

We offer full transition support. Direct Aero Services will arrange and place technical scanning teams as per your requirements.

Our strong network enables us to place expertise when you need it. We arrange and place technical consultants for interim periods.

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Direct Aero Services deliver transition management to the aviation leasing industry by arranging ferry flights, test demo flights, aircraft delivery, aircraft redelivery, project management, CAMO to ensire full transition support is delivered to lessors -

Transition management

From ferry flights to test demo flights, we can take this off your hands and arrange this within your timeframes.

Our support services include the delivery and redelivery of aircraft when you need it.

We will take care of the project management for you and will also take care of CAMO as needed.

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Direct Aero Services provide comprehensive maintenance oversights and maintenance reserve reviews to lessors and aircraft owners that includes expertly arranging heavy checks, aircraft reconfigurations, aircraft painting, maintenance reserve reviews on ai

Maintenance oversight and maintenance reserve reviews

Direct Aero Services are specialists in aircraft technical services, arranging heavy checks, reconfigurations and aircraft painting as needed.

When you need maintenance reserve reviews on airframes, engines or landing gear we can expertly assist you.

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Direct Aero Services fully support lessors with CAMO, CAMO oversight and maintenance control - Direct Aero Services


Direct Aero Services can fully support you with CAMO oversight and maintenance control.

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